Experience 5G Now

Experience 5G applications. Alef creates first-of-its-kind products through software defined micro gateways, micro cloud and micro app back-ends.


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Network Value

Alef maintains strict Mobile Network Operator SLA Agreements and has verified compatibility for Billing & Lawful Intercept. Our solution has been verified for compatibility with Leading Infrastructure Providers.


Because we are 100% compatible with today’s Mobile Network, the Alef Solution results in quick and speedy adoption for the Mobile Network Operator. Our patented technology is a plug and play Mobile Edge Platform inserted at the Radio Edge.

Application Value

Application Providers have access to Alef’s powerful API’s which are targeted for Enterprises, Advertising, Media & Entertainment, Communications and ISP Solutions.


We provide reference applications for these markets to set a new standard.


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Alef’s Mobile Edge Platform supports a wide range of enterprise and consumer mobility cloud services at the Radio Edge. By seamlessly integrating Alef’s platform service capabilities into work flows, customers can have fast and secure access to a new breed of richer, responsive consumer and enterprise applications at the Edge. Some of our key service offerings are listed below:

  • AdTech

  • Enterprise

  • M&E

  • Interconnect

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