Autonomous Transportation

Autonomous transportation may seem like something far off in the future, but that future is closer than it may seem. From cars, trucks, drones and anything with a core transportation system, Alef’s technology bolsters autonomous transportation allowing near zero latency data throughput, vehicle to vehicle communication, vehicle to infrastructure communication, data localization and many other “futuristic” features.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality devices are too complex and “futuristic” to have real use. Alef uses its technology to deliver completely mobile virtual and augmented reality by delivering content combined with computing capability that is close to your device.

IoT & Industry 4.0

IoT and Industrial IoT requires complicated and expensive on-premise equipment, such as gateways and ruggedized field-deployed servers. Alef can enable these devices to communicate with each other simply and efficiently, at scale. Imagine what that would look like…

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is set to make life easier, but right now, it is hindered due to the lack of real time edge intelligence. Alef improves edge intelligence, data collection and decision making. With this, Alef’s technology makes it possible to deploy AI at the Edge.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities may seem like a futuristic thing only for the Jetsons, but the applications are in the world today. From traffic lights and patterns to energy efficient street lights (and the more futuristic ones), the technology is here, but the city infrastructure itself is not ready. Alef will make it possible to interconnect devices with the infrastructure to enable Smart Cities.