Mobile Edge Platform

Alef provides a unique adaptive overlay network at the mobile edge. Our cloud interconnect platform introduces mobility principles to applications in the cloud, enabling exponential increases in user engagement.


Due to this first-of-its kind cloud-network environment, networks become application aware and applications become network aware. This interconnection results in a unmatched user experience and the opening of immense possibilities to new products  and revenue generation opportunities for both the mobile network operators and application providers.

Mobile Edge Intelligence

Alef Mobile Edge Intelligence solution provides secure access to service centric capabilities via an application programming interface (API). For example, there are APIs for rich media delivery, upload, charging, zero rating, user data, network resources, service management and deployment.

Mobile Edge Service Management

The Alef provides end-to-end service management deployed to monitor the health of the Alef platform and rich media services deployed at the mobile operator’s radio edge (RAN).