the BEST that it can be”

Alef Mobitech was born from the vision to reimagine the full potential of the mobile Internet, globally. Alef Mobitech offers a wide range of customizable digital services that are built upon a service enablement network. With our patented mobility cloud solutions, Alef is committed to transforming mobile Internet engagement. Exponentially.

At the heart of our corporation is a team of technologists and business executives with domain expertise in the mobile Internet space including mobile networking, mobile broadband services, cloud computing, enterprise mobility, and mobile content services. Founded by Bell Labs Fellow & mobility industry expert, Dr. Ganesh Sundaram, along with Mobile Services Internet entrepreneur Steven Spencer, Alef Mobitech is the result of several thousands of hours of iterative research focused on enhancing the mobile Internet ecosystem.

Alef Mobitech is a New Jersey based firm with offices in the USA and India; set to expand to Latin America. We have business engagements with leading operators and mobile application providers around the world.

With investments from the USA and India, including Tata Capital Innovations Fund, the private equity fund managed by Tata Capital, Alef is setting global standards in the mobile Internet industry.